Wednesday, 14 April 2010

I Am Love

Pretentious - Yes, but i seriously enjoyed I Am Love. It's a story of a middle -aged woman, who, during the course of the film 
discovers that although she seems to have everything; servants working in their mansion, wonderful children, and
the respect from the whole of Milan, but she regrets everything that she has done, and feels nostalgic of her past in Russia, 
when she is with Antonio, her son's work partner. It really is a gripping film, and so beautifully filmed. It made me want to leap
up out of my seat and flee to Italy, in the lazy sun. I also think that Tilda Swinton does not look half bad, for 50!!

(below) Tilda Swinton and director Luca Guadagnino

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Too young to play dot to dots

The Bristol dot to dot festival for May was announced and instantly 
over excited me. Mystery Jets were headlining, along with 
Los Capesinos, and Blood Red Shoes. It's 3 days after my 16th
birthday (which to me seems really old, considering that i still feel 12), 
but apparently 16 is not old enough to attend at load of concerts at 
18+ even though it ends at 4 in the afternoon. I could try and make an
appearance, but i hardly look old for my age, and i don't especially 
want to face humiliation in front of the likes of Blaine Harrison.
I only found out about Wild Beasts (above) this week, and they too
are playing at the festival.
It's just not fair.

whilst i am ranting, i have to mention Blaine Harrison of the Mystery
Jet's new hair cut. He has been through many different doos, but this
i feel is the worst yet. He has travelled from ginger dread locks during 
the time of their debut album Making Dens, to his 80's frizz in 2008, 
(not that i keep an eye on it or anything).

Friday, 9 April 2010

Hush Puppies

I have always been fond of desert boots, ever since my elderly grandfather wore them oblivious of his old age style. When i saw Johnny Flynn in October, i noticed his girl friend wearing purple desert boots. It made me weep inside, as not only has she got the perfect boyfriend, but i can't complain that she's nasty, or wears horrible clothes. some people have it all.
By and By, i still want hush puppies, but when very close friends have them i feel i am "copying" them. I know i will regret it when i dont get them.............

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Say Hello, and Wave Goodbye

Just found this song again, and everytime it cracks me up.
I really think it's a good song, but the singer Marc Almond hardly reaches the high notes effortlessly. The synthesizers, lighting and dangley earrings just show how much things have changed since the early 90's. It's quite ridiculous!
 Having said that, Soft Cell are dated, i think it's time they made a come back.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Dedication to Anon

The pig if i am not mistaken, 
supplies us with sausages, ham and bacon.
Let others say his heart is big, 
for i call it stupid of the pig.

Thursday, 1 April 2010


A friend gave me an old polaroid camera.
Seriously kind, and of course when she gave it to me 6 months ago, I was over excited to say the least.
but where do you buy films?
I know they are expensive, I am prepared to pay money, seeing as I got the camera free.
But I'm worried i will never get a film, and then they won't sell them anymore.
It will be too late.

A tleast Andy and John can keep me happy with their instant snaps.